The Coming Storm 

Considerations on the 2020 election thus far

After four years of the Trump administration – the most bigoted, fascistic administration in US history, or so they say – liberals finally believed that they had won. The polls leading up to November 3 were clear: Biden was going to win. All of the enlightened pundits agreed with this. How could Donald Trump, a man whose policies were so self-evidently evil, win reelection? According to the news, the white working class was abandoning him; suburban, educated whites, particularly women, who voted for Trump in 2016 were regretting their decision; and a growing mass of Americans, regardless of political ideology or party affiliation, were hellbent on removing the president from office. 

On election night, Trump was predictably ahead. He declared himself the victor, and was summarily censored and ridiculed, as the usual suspects announced that the election was far from over. A few days later, the media coronated Joe Biden as the next president of the United States. Celebration ensued, as Trump’s opponents took to the streets, gleeful that the divider in chief had met his much-deserved (political) end. When Trump announced that he would not, in fact, be stepping down – that he would instead take things to the Supreme Court, citing widespread voter fraud – the other side appeared unconcerned. Befuddled by media gaslighting, they became convinced that this was nothing more than the Trump administration thrashing about in its death throes. 

However, as the Trump campaign began filing lawsuit after lawsuit, a feeling of unease began to spread throughout the left. Liberals began to ponder the possibility that Trump’s litigation efforts might wind up keeping him in the White House. After all, Trump’s political successes thus far bear somewhat of a supernatural quality. The billionaire-turned-president has, since he declared his candidacy in 2016, defied both the odds and the critics. How many times have his opponents bet against him, only to be proven disastrously wrong? Consider the 2016 election, Mueller investigation, impeachment farce, and every other seemingly insurmountable obstacle in Trump’s way; in every instance, he triumphed. He even defeated covid! “Trump is finally done for!” has been the ill-fated cry of the disgraced punditry for over four years. As such, many, either privately or publicly, cannot help but shake the feeling that Trump is invincible.

To be clear, Trump can absolutely still win – but only if he fights for it. Fortunately, he’s doing just that. The president currently has two paths to victory: the Supreme Court and GOP-controlled state legislatures. The former can have ballots thrown out or demand a recount, whereas the latter can nominate slates of Trump-loyal electors. Should that happen, it will be up to the US House of Representatives to approve such a decision on January 6, which is when the new Congress meets. For this to succeed, a majority of state delegations, rather than representatives, must consent. The GOP currently holds a majority of state delegations (26), which will be retained come January. 

As of now, it’s anyone’s guess as to which option will keep Trump in the White House. However, one thing is clear: In the event that Trump pulls this off – and I’m confident that he will – the left will be enraged. The chaos we saw over the summer will return in the form of mass riots and protests – a veritable color revolution engineered by our ruling class. The narrative will be that President Trump subverted democracy and is thus an illegitimate ruler. This, to be fair, is the same narrative the other side has been peddling for four years; the only thing that will change is the particulars. Consider the idiocy, though, of believing that Trump is a threat to democracy, when, should he win, he will have done so via legal, constitutional means. But anything short of direct democracy (mob rule), of course, is illegitimate in the eyes of liberals and the manufacturers of public opinion. 

If Trump secures his rightful reelection, he will certainly have his work cut out for him. America has not, to be clear, been made great again – at least not yet. However, the past year has undeniably been the best of Trump’s first term. He finally took action against tech censorship, slashed legal immigration levels, put an end to state-funded anti-whiteness, and much more. But perhaps best is how Trump finally began addressing the flagrant personnel issues plaguing his administration, a necessary first step for any policy success. Trump will have no excuses, though, for his second term will not be burdened by phony investigations or looming concerns regarding reelection. If the mobs take to the streets, they must be quelled through state power. Antifa terrorists must be tried and convicted. All globalists must be removed from positions of government – nothing short of complete lustration will suffice. Overall, Trump must use the full force of the state to restore order. And if he cannot accomplish this most necessary of undertakings, he must do everything in his power to pave the way for someone who can. 

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